Graphic designer and artist.

Who I Am

Graphic designer and artist with corporate, agency and freelance experience with specialities in branding, corporate identities, design, prepress and digital art.

My expertise has been acquired through years of hands-on experience, and being self-motivated, forward-thinking and creative. A versatile team player skilled in the development of innovative design and prepress solutions, I have managed multiple assignments concurrently from concept to completion, ensuring that all materials meet or exceed project objectives and deadlines while accurately conveying corporate voice, culture and brand standards. The tools of my distinctive aesthetic style include Adobe Creative Cloud, a Wacom tablet and an Apple iMac.


Tasks that I have covered include:

  • Concept, design, prepress and printing in advertising, publishing and packaging
    (including retail and collateral media),
  • Web development, coding (html, css, javascript) and hosting with particular expertise
    in creating WordPress sites.

I have experience in:

  • Desktop publishing, artworking, photo manipulation, illustration, photography, digital painting,
    3D modelling and a variety of techniques that are constantly explore and develop,
  • Prepress production with expertise in solving technical issues,
  • IT technical support with installing, configuring and maintaining computer systems,
  • One to one training, tutoring and mentoring.

Personal artworks that I’ve produced have appeared in website and magazine features, television series and a gallery exhibition in New York City. These surreal and conceptual themed works redefine reality and stretch the limits of the imagination in which I create evocative, dream-like images or capture everyday objects appearing as something else. My works and the objects in them can be seen as something completely different given the right perspective, tackle the human predicament and playfully explore the intersection of language and art by making literal visual interpretations of familiar idiomatic expressions.

On a more personal note. Things creative and challenging pique my curiosity. I have a keen interest in art, computing, music, history, alternate lifestyles, liberal views, nature, science, technology and the cosmos. I pass my free time with reading, podcasts, documentaries, science fiction series and traveling. Causes and organisations I support include Animal Welfare, WWF, Organ Donor Foundation, South African National Blood Service, Zooniverse, HeForShe, Arts and Culture, Environment, Human Rights, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, Science and Technology.

Thank you for visiting. I hope that you enjoy my art and your comments and questions are most welcome.